The Rise of T Series - What's Wrong?

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    The Rise of T Series - What's Wrong? - How T Series Conquered YouTube
    We were wrong about T Series!
    The Story of T Series Vs Pewdiepie:
    In defense of T Series...this isn't really the end....

    It may be the of an era! But Pewdiepie vs T series has been going for months now and it seems the race is already over....and is it that important? Yes and no...let me explain

    BUT here's what you don't know! It's Wrecking YouTube...or is it? is this a new beginning?

    Jusreign T series video, in defense of t series brings up a lot of good points that i want to discuss...

    But first i want to address the misinformation we put out and correct our mistakes!

    Today not only do we look at T-series, but we look at youtuber Jusreign who is making great strides in that space!

    The rise of t series was unexpected and has more mystery, there are now many t series reactions, t series songs 2018 and even some t series exposed proof out there that t series sub bot is happening!

    But we're going to discuss why this new king of youtube t series is a danger to you and the platform! You see Pewdiepie vs t-series was always going to happen, and happen in this fashion...

    T series will surpass perwdiepie, when will t series surpass pewdiepie? soon! How t series conquered pewdiepie is a story we are about to tell!

    I'm sure you've seen the t series diss track and while that was good fun, there are things that make this matter much more serious than they!

    Also the t series matpat episode is riddled with issues, that we will discuss! this sub botting exposed is going to make all the difference in how we see this new giant!

    So sit back it's gonna be a wild ride

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